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Commercial & Residential

Exceptional TV Services Installed To The Highest Standards

We have many years of experience of installing televisions in residential and commercial sectors

With over 20 years of experience in installing televisions, you can feel confident that we will provide you a first class service. With our knowledge we are able to offer the best advice on the correct option for your requirements.


Excellence In Service

We Are Experts In Television Installation Services

Television and Cabinet

Television Installation

We specialise in TV installation and Wall Mounting services. We can offer our opinion on the best place to install your TV, depending on the kinds of walls you have. We ensure that the bracket used is the correct option for the TV size which ensures the Tv is secure and safe. We also can install to have the cables hidden from view.

Digital Televisions

Freeview does not require you to pay an ongoing subscription cost. You only need to have a valid aerial connection to able to view this service. Setting this up can be confusing so we are more than happy to provide this installation service. We can also install an aerial if your property does not currently have one.

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Multi Point TV Systems

Our Multi point TV systems allow you to watch channels from Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media to multiple rooms. Having a Multi point system means that everyone can enjoy the TV they love at the same time from any room in your home. Every multi point can be configured to operate as you wish.

Home Cinemas

We can provide an outstanding service if you require a home cinema installed. Home cinemas are becoming really popular and with our wealth of knowledge and experience we can provide an exceptional service to install a home cinema you can be proud of.

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SMATV Digital System allows you to deliver multiple TV channels including satellite broadcast signals to multiple viewing points, a Satellite Antenna and TV antenna receive the broadcast signals. We are specialists in this field and would be able to provide a fantastic service should you require an SMATV system.


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